meet our staff

  • worship & youth pastor, donnie dehnke

    Donnie graduated from Cedarville University with a Bachelor's degree in Pre-Seminary Bible before graduating from Piedmont International University in  2014 with a Master's degree in Biblical Studies. He became Youth Pastor at CBC in 2006 before being named as Student & Adult Pastor in 2013.

    Donnie has been married to his wife, Amanda, since 2006. They have two daughters, Kylah Hope and Dakota Grace.

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  • administrative pastor, ethan white

    Ethan graduated from Dartmouth College with a Bachelor's degree in Classical Archaeology before earning a Master's Degree in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2009.  He became Administrative Pastor at Central in 2016.

    Ethan married his wife, Melissa, in 2003. They have three sons, Noah, Grady, and Alex and a daughter, Rachel.

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  • children's pastor, brian davis

    Brian graduated from Liberty University in 2012 with a Bachelor's degree in Religion with a Specialization in Youth Ministries. He served as Pastoral Intern from May 2012 to January 2014 before becoming Children's Pastor in January 2014.

    Brian married his wife, Joy, in August 2013.

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  • financial administrator, debbie davie

    Debbie has two Certified Business Management degree and over 30 years management experience. She became Administrative Assistant at Central in 2006 and now serves as the Financial Manager.  Debbie and her husband, Monk, have been married since 1998.

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  • payroll manager, amanda hovis

    Amanda graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Delta State University in 2002. She and her husband, Chris, married in 2002 and moved to Virginia in 2006. She joined the staff at Central in 2012.  Amanda and Chris have two sons, Carson and Caleb.

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  • administrative assistant, janna robertson

    Janna graduated from Cedarville University in 2013 with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.  She also began working as Administrative Assistant at Central in 2013. 

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