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  • dawn stephens, 



    A fruitful moment occurred when I met a saint who struggled every day to control his temper and follow directions. His self esteem was very low and he had a difficult time getting along with others in his class. We began to meet each morning for prayer. We asked God to grow LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS FAITHFULNESS, and  SELF-CONTROL through us each day. It didn’t take long for God to transform him into a fruit bearing vessel. Eventually, he was able to recognize moments that upset him and sought the Lord in prayer instead of acting defiantly. He was able to make great friends and his grades improved too. 

  • Amber Smith,  

    Administrative Assistant

    My fruitful story. . . 

    Fruit bearing is essentially becoming like Christ. The fruit of the Spirit grows through me as I spend more and more time with Jesus. Prayer and knowing Him intimately is what brought my family to CCA. He put so many people and opportunities in my life that grew FAITH. It was very prevalent He was giving me PEACE about the decision to not only have our son attend, but for me to share my expertise as an employee. I have so much JOY in my heart to be able to work alongside everyone at Central. Having the opportunity to be a vessel that shares the LOVE God provides to me with each saint and CCA family is an amazing blessing.

  • One saint thought she could do nothing right. She felt she was incapable of growing LOVE because she was so discouraged. Her mom and teachers would sit with her and try to incite her. It seemed everyone struggled to grow PATIENCE when helping her learn new things. Once she began cognitive therapy and her sessions progressed, both the saint and her mom learned that she could succeed beyond anything they imagined. All she needed was a little GENTLENSS and "think-time". Everyone processes information in different ways. As she was given the opportunity to  process new information and think for herself, she became confident, competent, and a vessel that produces JOY.

  • liz owenslove fruit stand

    K2 and K3 preschool educator


    A fruitful moment of LOVE occurred when I had a saint who had a hard time identifying numbers and counting. He would often get discouraged and give up when he didn’t know the numbers his friends knew. He was very hard on himself. With a lot of encouragement from home, church, and school, he completed extra activities. He met his goal! By the end of the year, he knew his numbers, counted very well, and was even able to do math problems using manipulatives. He’s so proud and knows he is a vessel able to grow LOVE for himself and others.




    A fruitful moment occurred one day when a preschool saint discovered LOVE at CCA. He had just moved here from another state and was having trouble adjusting to his new home and school. Each morning, he would cry when his mom dropped him off. He did not want to play with the other saints and felt very sad. I began working very hard to show him LOVE each morning and throughout the day. The other saints joined in too. Friends invited him to play and we found things that he enjoyed about CCA. He soon loved coming to school so much that he would sometimes cry because he had to leave and go home. Now, he is a vessel producing LOVE and welcomes new saints to our class. He shows others the LOVE that he received when he was new.


    K4 preschool EDUCATOR


    One JOYFUL moment was when I taught a saint with separation anxiety. The transition from home to school was difficult and she would continually burst into tears. She wouldn’t speak, interact with peers, or engage in class activities. Through prayer, her parents and I were able to find a way to make her first experiences positive. Slowly with JOY and the assurance of comforting arms, a new child began to emerge. Before long she was engaging in class activities, communicating with peers, and developing excitement for school. By the end of the year she displayed JOY, excelled academically, and became a class leader. Together we both became vessels that grow JOY.


    kindergarten EDUCATOR


    It was an honor to witness God growing PEACE through one of my students who needed a great deal of assurance. He interrupted class, made loud noises, and did not follow directions. I prayerfully considered his needs and spoke with his mother to discover the reasons for his behavioral patterns. Together, we created a plan of action. I prayed for ways to help him feel important, needed, and loved. Each day I greeted him with a smile and hug, praised him for good choices, and used journaling to channel his need for self-expression. His behavior changed. “I listen carefully to what God the Lord is saying, for he speaks PEACE to his faithful people. But let them not return to their foolish ways” (Psalms 85:8). By the end of the year, he was a fruit bearing vessel, modeling PEACE to all his classmates.


    1st grade EDUCATOR


    One thing I always tell my class is that we are a family. We must show each other PATIENCE just as we do our family at home. A fruitful moment happened during Reader's Workshop. I watched one of my saints take a book and go over to another saint who wanted to read. She sat next to him, opened the book, and began reciting the words from the story with him. She knew from watching him that he needed a friend. She chose to put his needs first that day before her own choice to read a harder book. Seeing saints share and help one another allows them to become vessels that grow the PATIENCE Jesus has for each of us..


    2nd grade EDUCATOR


    I am fortunate to have witnessed many acts of KINDNESS in my classroom. One stands out above the rest and involved a young saint who was having trouble assimilating into the classroom. He often cried and isolated himself from his classmates. He would often yell at his friends. The class became very concerned and some reacted by saying hurtful words or excluding him. I talked to the class about God’s expectation of us to show KINDNESS toward him. I told them to give him compliments, to sit and talk with him, and just give him a smile. The class responded and even gathered to pray for their friend. I felt so blessed to see the fruit of the Spirit – KINDNESS – put into practice in the lives of my students!


    3rd grade STUDENT EDUCATOR


    The GOODNESS of God is seen when a student comes to an understanding of a difficult concept. Our educational system defines GOOD as having correct answers. One of my students struggled with learning a new mathematical theory. I sat with her during group time and worked with her. It took several times where I demonstrated not only the way her classmates were finding solutions, but a way she could better understand it. It was GOOD to see her enthusiasm when she understood the concept. Regardless of having right answers, she was excited to share the new knowledge she had bloomed and her understanding of GOODNESS with the rest of the class. This situation allowed her to be a fruit bearing vessels


    3RD AND 4th grade EDUCATOR


    Faithfulness is the fruit of the Spirit that God has shown me throughout my life especially in difficult circumstances that revealed His ever-faithful presence and comfort.  One year, I was able to use many lessons from God's faithfulness to encourage a student to perform his best despite a difficult situation he was facing at home. I faithfully prayed for him and asked God to allow me to love him as God knew he needed to be loved. Through the year, I watched this young man grow and improve greatly. He became more faithful in doing his work and doing it with his best effort. He became a fruit bearing vessel as he encouraged his classmates to faithfully participate and explore assignments with him.



    I once had a saint who had experienced both emotional and physical abuse in her past. She had a very hard time trusting people and withdrew from myself and the other classmates. Her introverted demeanor was seen by others as an adamant refusal to cooperate. She never wanted to speak or read in class. We prayed for the Holy Spirit to surround her with GENTLENESS. She gradually began to trust and feel loved by us. It was beautiful to hear her participate in reading groups for the first time. Through Christ, her self-worth grew and she discovered SELF-CONTROL by relying on Him. The experience allowed the entire class to be fruit bearing vessels.    




    A fruitful event happened when a young saint was upset when his mother dropped him off in morning care. He would cry and hang on to her. This was causing his parents distress as well as starting his day negatively. I searched for strategies that would help build his confidence and reassure him that his mother would return, while showing him that he could have fun while he waited. With a lot of prayers, love and attention he learned he could come in, have fun, and see his mom at the end of the day. We all became vessels that grew LOVE, JOY, PATIENCE and FAITHFULNESS through this experience. 




    My fruitful story is built on PATIENCE and FAITHFULNESS. Working at Central is a very rewarding ministry. I have seen many saints accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. One time after a saint became saved, he mistreated a classmate. Knowing him, I was able to address his actions with scripture and help him realize that GOD sees and hears everything. PATIENTLY, I was able to talk with him about his salvation. Today he is FAITHFULLY in church, school and AWANA Clubs where you can see he is growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. When we are FAITHFUL to whatever God has us doing, God gives us many opportunities to be vessels that bear His fruit.


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