sundays @ 9 am

Growth Track is designed to provide everything you'll need to get involved at Central. You'll learn about our church, yourself, and the God we love and trust. The series of four classes, offered one after another each month, explains what it's like to be a member here and offers opportunities to live life in ways that help you and the church grow. Register today and get started this month!

  • 101: Connecting    |    First sundays

    101 answers questions like "Where do I belong? Do I need to make a decision about salvation, baptism, or membership? What does Central expect from me?" You'll also learn about our values and our church's story. 

    Next class: September 3, 2017

    Prerequisites: None

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  • 201: consistency    |    second sundays

    201 focuses on consistency in your personal relationship with Christ. You'll explore what your personal time with Jesus can look like as well as how Bible study and prayer fit into your daily life. 

    Next class: August 13, 2017

    Prerequisites: 101

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  • 301: community    |    third sundays

    301 is all about building relationships with the people around you. You'll find out the best ways to spend time and foster relationships with other church members. You'll also explore the connection between your personal faith, the way you interact with others, and how you can help others grow. 

    Next class: August 20, 2017

    Prerequisites: 101 & 201

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  • 401: contributing    |    fourth sundays

    401 focuses on giving and serving as well as how you know where God can use you the most. We'll discover what spiritual gifts are and which ones you possess. You'll also have a chance to find out more about opportunities to serve at Central. 

    Next class: August 27, 2017

    Prerequisites: 101, 201, & 301.

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