We are able to keep our tuition rates low because we operate as a part of Central Baptist Church. We are fully supported by this amazing body of believers. Therefore, we want you to know a couple things as you begin to assess the value of our services and decide if you are able to afford our school.

1. We are worth the financial sacrifice. If you can afford the full-tuition, it is worth every penny. Without the support of Central Baptist Church this same education would cost much more. If you can pay more than our tuition rate, we ask that you give extra to our school and church to give others the opportunity to have a Christian education. Your gifts are tax deductible. If you are unable to pay the full tuition, but still believe your child should be at CCA, we do not want your financial situation to keep you from doing what you believe God wants for you. You should still apply.

2. We know the body of Christ is made up of individuals of diverse backgrounds and various socio-economic statuses. We also believe the best schools have that same diversity. We believe that no one should be denied a Christian education and that Christ calls us as believers to share our lives with each other. This is why we offer indexed tuition rates.

Tuition RAtes

An $125 application fee is due with each new student enrollment.


Central Christian Academy is committed to providing a quality education to families at an affordable price. Families apply and qualify for a reduced tuition level that takes into consideration additional siblings, household expenses, and the cost of the services needed. The amount is based on a calculation done through the school and ISM FAST. The school considers this calculation together with each family’s special circumstances and available funds given through Central Baptist Church. Through this program, the 2019-2020 tuition has been indexed from $3,900.00 to $6,300.00. The determined rate will not include Brain Factory tuition for Saints with individual Therapy/Education plans.


To determine your exact tuition price, fill out ISM FAST form at the following link:

(There is an additional $45 on-line application fee payable to ISM)



5 days (8am-3pm): $5,900

3 set days (8am-3pm): $3,800

2 set days (8am-3pm): $2,500

5 half days (8am-12pm:) $4,000

3 half days (8am-12pm): $2,500

2 half days (8am-12pm): $1,710


$5,900/student if registered by February 28. 2019

$6,200/student March 1-31, 2019

$6,500/student April 1, 2019 and later

Brain Factory tuition for Saints with Individual Therapy/Education plans

will be an additional $3000.

Extended Care (7:00-7:45 am & 3:00-6:00 pm)

$6.50/hour not to exceed:

$50/week for one child

$65/week for two children

$70/week for three or more children

The Brain Factory

When saints need temporary assistance beyond the classroom, 

CCA offers three levels of service. These services can be combined with your Indexed Tuition rate or paid for separately with the agreement forms below.




PACS (Personalized Academic Coaching Services) 

provides saints with their own personal academic coach. 

The coach will work with the saint at any academic level and provide challenging activities that support the classroom environment.


PACS Agreement

SEARCH & TEACH is an early intervention program developed to meet the educational needs of young learners before they experience the frustration of learning failure. SEARCH is a 20 minute individual test designed to identify 5-7 year old saints' individual strengths and weaknesses in the skills necessary for reading success. TEACH is a program of 55 learning activities called "tasks", carefully designed to address the needs revealed by SEARCH.


SEARCH & TEACH Agreement

NILD Educational Therapy involves one on one or small group weekly interventions through the National Institute for Learning Development. These cognitive sessions, rooted in research, use interactive language in a dynamic way. A variety of materials and techniques are used to develop vulnerable areas of thinking and process information. Instead of adapting the learning environment to a student's unique struggles, the saints thinking is changed so success can be found in any environment. An initial psycho-educational evaluation must be completed so the therapists can tailor the sessions to the specific needs of the saint. An Individual Therapy Plan is developed and weekly reports are provided. Full-time Educational Therapy can be combined with the tuition for an additional $3,000. 

Or if the student enrolls during the year, the cost is: $100/week

NILD Educational Therapy Agreement