We live in a world of uncertainty with danger seemingly lurking behind every shadow. Many are trapped in a confused maze punctuated with misery. Esther could relate. She seems almost out of place in the Bible. The book of Esther contains no mention of God, no reference to faith or worship, no prediction of the Messiah, no talk of heaven or hell - there is almost nothing religious about it. At least on the surface. But, when you dig a little deeper into this mesmerizing story you'll find that past the dramatic beginning, suspenseful plot, villain, hero, damsel in distress, twists and turns in every direction God is at work invisibly, yet with invincibility to bring his sovereign plan to completion. In our next series, The Weigh of the Crown, you'll be encouraged that God works in the quiet areas of your life and you'll be challenged to live courageously for the sake of others.

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