In our world people pick sides. The latest headlines reveal division across the globe. Let's face it if we were God, we'd come to rescue some, but not others. However, the angels announced that the birth of the Messiah would be good new of great joy for all people. Jesus came for the Jew and Gentile. He came for the down and out and the up and out. He came for the moral and the immoral. He came for you and me. This Christmas season we will celebrate with a series titled, For All People. We'll se how the reality that Jesus came for all people affects how we see and interact with people. Don't miss this encouraging and uplifting Christmas series. It will culminate in a special Candlelight gathering on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve promises to be an extra special day at Central. First, we will meet for a Sunday Gathering with everyone together at 10:30 am. Then, Sunday evening we will celebrate the birth of Jesus by candlelight. Lights will be dimmed, candles will be lit, and your favorite Christmas songs will fill the air as we are reminded about this good news of great joy that is for all people. So, come make Christmas at Central part of your celebration.

christmas offering

This year's Christmas offering will go towards replacing the HVAC unit in the Worship Center and a gift for our missionaries. We are asking God to provide the funds to help share Jesus and impact people both here in Portsmouth and around the world! Please join us in this giving effort.