december sermon series

Christmas is that time of the year when we want everything to be just right. We want to find that perfect gift, throw the perfect party with the perfect decorations. We know it's a season of celebrating, singing, and feasting together and we don't want anything to detract from the joy of the season. Our longing for the "perfect Christmas" is actually an echo of a deeper longing. It's an ache for Jesus to complete in his second coming what he inaugurated in his first. We hope you'll join us at Central this Christmas season as we go through several passages from the book of Revelation. There we will see that the celebrating, singing, and feasting together which began at the first Christmas will continue through all eternity because of the one who was born so long ago, Jesus, will make everything just right.

december 24 @ 5 pm

Join us this Christmas Eve for a special Christmas Candlelight Service. Your whole family will celebrate together the birth of Jesus. Lights will be dimmed, candles will be lit, your favorite Christmas songs will fill the air as we are reminded about this good news which is for all people. So, come make Christmas at Central part of your family tradition again this holiday season.

christmas offering

This year's Christmas offering will go towards our efforts to establish a livestream of our service each week online. Whether people are dealing with sickness, work schedules, or simply out of town we want everyone to be able to join in on our Sunday services from wherever they are! We are asking God to provide the funds necessary to implement this new strategy to better share Jesus and impact people! Please join us in this giving effort.