december sermon series

This Christmas season prepare to go on an illuminating journey that reaches back nearly to the dawn of time. Pastor Steve will guide you through the surprising background of how a child of laughter and a child of remembrance foreshadowed a child of hope. This profoundly moving and intellectually provocative series unpacks messages of hope, redemption, and salvation revealed in Jesus' birth. Invite friends and family to come or watch this thrilling Christmas series, Child of Hope.

christmas offering

This year's Christmas offering is being split between, first, our efforts to continue improving our campus for our many renters from the community who come in to use our space with which we have been blessed. The other portion of our Christmas offering is going towards our efforts to bless our community in 2021 through Central Cares. We are asking God to provide $12,000 to get us started on these two important initiatives so that we have more and better opportunities to impact people with Jesus' love and truth. Please join us in this giving effort.