During this time when we are unable to meet together as normal, we will be doing our best to stay connected in other ways. We will be posting videos weekly to encourage and challenge students to be sharing Jesus and impacting people during this unique time.

- Pastor Donnie

Youth Group | May 27

Here are some study/discussion questions for you to work through and discuss with your friends, small group leader, or family.

1. Read Luke 19:10. Who is "the Son of Man" that Jesus is talking about in this verse? What was His ultimate purpose?

2. Jesus calls Himself "Son of Man" to remind us of His humanity. Read Hebrews 4:14-16. What does it mean that Jesus

    (our Great High Priest) can "sympathize with our weaknesses"? According to these verses, what should that give us  

    confidence to do?

3. Jesus designates Himself as "Son of Man" to identify Himself as the Messiah. Read Daniel 7:13-14. What did God

    (the Ancient of Days) give to this "Son of Man"? Who will he rule over and how long will this last? 

    How does Revelation 14:14 connect to Daniel 7?

4. Jesus as "Son of Man" also identifies Him as our "representative" as people. Read Romans 5:18-19 (you can read

    5:12-21 to get an even broader picture of this idea). According to these verses, what did Adam (our first

    representative) bring to humanity? What did Jesus make available to people?

5. How should knowing Jesus is the "Son of Man" affect the way that we live?