During this time when we are unable to meet together as normal, we will be doing our best to stay connected in other ways. We will be posting videos weekly to encourage and challenge students to be sharing Jesus and impacting people during this unique time.

- Pastor Donnie

Youth Group | June 24

Here are some study/discussion questions for you to work through and discuss with your friends, small group leader, or family.

In the recent weeks, we have looked into just a few of the names and titles of Jesus in an attempt to better understand who He is and how we can relate to Him. As we wrap up this week, we want to review some of those names.

1. Go back through the names of Jesus that we talked about and see if you can remember at least one specific thing that each name shows us about Jesus.

Jesus is...

The Messiah

Son of Man

Son of God

The Lamb of God


2. Which of these names of Jesus most excites you? Why do you enjoy thinking of Jesus in this way?

3. Which of these names of Jesus is most difficult for you to accept? What might be hindering you from wanting to relate to Jesus in this way?

4. How has this study helped you grow in your understanding of Jesus and how we relate to Him?

5. Take some time this week to just worship Jesus for being all of these things, and for loving you enough to make a way for you to have a relationship with Him.