W H A T   I S   A W A N A ?

AWANA is a Wednesday evening program for age 2 year olds (by September 30 of current school year) through 6th grade that focuses on learning the Bible in a fun atmosphere. AWANA clubs route spiritually strong children to faithfully follow Jesus Christ and help evangelize their communities. 

W H A T   D O E S   A   T Y P I C A L   A W A N A   N I G H T   L O O K   L I K E ?

A night at AWANA is broken down into 3 segments:

   1. Game Time - Organized games get all of the children to participate, unleashing natural             energy and enthusiasm.

   2. Handbook Time - AWANA emphasizes the importance of God and His Word for sound           living. Clubbers progress through handbooks at their own pace and leaders meet with             them individually to go over what they have learned.

   3. Lesson Time - Clubs meet together as our leaders teach engaging lessons to widen the             kids biblical knowledge and challenge them to apply the Bible to their every day lives.

W H E N   D O E S   A W A N A   M E E T   A N D   H O W   O F T E N ?

AWANA meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:00 pm starting September 11 and runs through May 20.

H O W   A R E   T H E   D I F F E R E N T   A G E S   D I V I D E D ?

Puggles - 2 year olds (before September 30 of the current school year)

Cubbies - Ages 3-4

Sparks - K5-2nd Grade

Truth and Training - 3rd - 6th Grade

I S   T H E R E   A   C O S T   F O R   M Y   C H I L D   T O   B E   I N   A W A N A ?

There is an AWANA fee of $24 per child or for families with 2 or more children, $40. This fee covers different AWANA events throughout the year and the end of the year Awards Celebration. Click here to see some additional costs.

Click here to download the 2019-2020 Registration Form.

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