p i r a t e s

JUNE 21 - 23  |  6:00 - 7:30 PM

This summer, rising 1st through rising 6th scallywags will embark on an unforgettable voyage at Portsmouth City Park. We will sail our pirate ship (the pavilion) to the (imaginary) ends of the earth searching for treasure. As we search for treasure along this journey, we will discover that the good news of Jesus is the best treasure of all! Kids will gather safely for an exciting time of music, skits, crafts, games and more June 21-23 from 6-7:30. So grab your land lubbing friends and join our crew for VBS (Very Best Summer)!

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Check out all the fun we had two years ago.

We are excited to hold VBS at City Park this year so it will look a little different

but the spirit of fun and excitement will not change!

what happens at vbs?

Never been to VBS?  No worries, here's the skinny about what happens each night.


All images below show actual participants & items from VBS 2019 held at our campus. They are not fictional. In fact, these people made new friends, learned more about Jesus, ate some fantastic snacks, and pretty much had an awesome time.

This could be you next year.


    Each child will be assigned to one of five different teams each night. They will stay with their team and work together throughout the event.

  • worship

    Our high-energy songs will get kids up on their feet and worshiping Jesus.  Each song is packed with Bible truths that will stick with your child all summer. Here's a playlist of songs from last VBS. Hint - some will be repeated this summer!



    The skit team brings each night's Bible concept to life before our eyes.  They help set the stage for each night's lesson and show how it applies to real life. The skits are a popular favorite among the kids. 

  • games

    Kids love games, period.  Need we say anymore?  

  • crafts

    Our Pirate inspired crafts arrrrrrg exploding with creativity!  Each craft is kid-tested and connects to the Bible lessons learned during the week at VBS.

  • snacks

    There's a lot of activity packed into the 1.5 hours of VBS so we have awesome, themed snacks each night to help keep our energy up.  If your child has an allergy, please make sure to mention it on their registration form.

  • OMC

    Shh, don't tell anyone, but we kind of save the best for last. The Saturday after VBS, June 26 we play a huge game of OMC, or Organized Mass Chaos, at Central Baptist Church. It involves water balloons, toilet paper and whole lot of fun. You'll want to come back out to enjoy the craziness and take lots of pictures. Remember to tag Central on Facebook so we can all enjoy the one of your kid covering their team captain with shaving cream.